Luscious Revelation is a tea- drinking, animal loving, authenticity seeking, abundance cultivating, belly-laugh celebrating, proud, witchy feminist and femme dyke.  As a poet, performer, and social justice advocate she believes in combining arts-based provocations to bring about awareness and healing .

She resides in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario where she works as a public educator and licensed clinical social worker, hence the need for a groovy pseudonym.  She holds a Joint Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Literature and a Master’s degree in Social Work.   In her spare time, she organizes a queer womyn’s craft collective that reclaims wimmins traditions and community.

Currently, she is defying the winter blah’s by contemplating the sweetness of guerilla art projeckts.  Knitted Grafitti.   Rebellious displays of vibrancy.  Empowering examples of anarchy.  Shamelessly gushing colour all over the place.

She performs annually at KW’s premiere literary event Cliterature and has been featured in Femme Fatale Creations’ documentary films Rainbow Reflections and Three More Questions.

Interested in hiring her to perform at your event or write a piece for your site or magazine?

Send requests to lusciousrevelation@gmail.com



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