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NaPoWriMo – Day 3 – ‘Write a fourteener”

This afternoon I received a visitor of sorts
It seemed to be, another me, from another time
She reminded me of all the people I have been
The songs I sang, hands fluttering, and how I used to paint
Same arrogant nose,  sly smile,with a laugh as bold as brass
Both lighter and deeper than the me who sits in this chair
So concerned with housekeeping and acquisitions.



NaPoWriMO- Day 2- A poem about the Stars


Once, they guided our fate and our voyages
Told stories of epic heroes,
Assured us of our success or destruction
Once, we dreamed upon them
Hung our wishes upon their brilliant countenance
Are they still with us? Have they been dulled by neglect?
What happens to the old gods when humans no longer look up?

NaPoWriMo Day 1- a poem of negation

These arms are not filled with tangible things,
text books, bags of groceries, sleeping children.
But loneliness is heavier than babies.

Despite the weight of my cargo, piled high as shopping parcels, one on top of the other,
obstructing my view and  teetering precariously,
I navigate the streets, wet and grey, cars passing without a second glance

Always at the wrong moment, melancholy and absence overflow my grasp,
To chase them down, I shift my encumberance from side to side,
joints aching
muscles burning
mind racing
desperate to retrieve the agony that has escaped me

Anyone could step in it that!
If they found it they’d Know it was mine, and what then? How careless they’d say. What an inconvenience. If you cannot carry your affliction properly, perhaps you ought to stay home. Out of sight, out of mind you know.

But what do they know about out of mind? Their boxes and bags are filled with food for the party, little Suzie is 5 now, “she’s gotten so big” they boast. The product of my last five years has also grown, I’d like to quip, but no one brags about the weight of their despair.

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